An Illustrated Guide to SEO Automation [Infographic]

Smart SEOs have one thing in common: they know when and how to use SEO tools to their advantage. The goal of automation is to ration search marketers’ most finite resource, which is time. Automation allows SEOs to spend less effort battling in the trenches of logistics, and instead focus on strategic development and business analysis.

The true value of SEO automation comes when search marketers are emancipated from repetitive tactics and gain extra bandwidth to focus on defining a winning strategy. Tasks that once devoured hours of marketers’ time, such as auditing pages for keyword density, examining backlink quality or searching domains for duplicate page titles, can now be accomplished in a matter of minutes. SEOs can therefore have more time to devote to higher-level tactics such as link building and content creation.

SEO is an ever-evolving organism that requires constant maintenance. Success often depends on the ability to carefully monitor performance and adjust your content strategy accordingly. SEO automation platforms can generate reports with ease based on metrics that matter to ROI. Businesses can therefore devote more resources to creating content that drives revenue.

While email marketing and SEM automation is almost standard practice, SEO automation has fallen behind the curve. Yet make no mistake: search marketing is on the rise. According to an eConsultancy study, 65% of companies were expected to have increased their organic search budgets this year. The same study shows that while only 20% of companies are currently using an SEO technology platform, 76% of the other businesses surveyed are either planning to adopt SEO technology or are open to the possibility of future adoption. Put another way, though SEOs are getting smarter, current adopters of SEO automation technology are still at an advantage.


Marketing Automation Infographic

This infographic visually demonstrates how SEO automation works as collaboration between humans and "the machine."