Get More Time to Do What Works

Be more successful by automating repetitive SEO tasks and focusing on strategy, content and optimization.

Metrics that Matter

Report Less, SEO More

Everyone wants to know if SEO is driving sales, but creating reports that show which keywords are really driving leads, opportunities and revenue takes a lot of time. SEO for Salesforce automates repetitive reporting, giving you the instant, real-time insight to focus on strategy and optimization efforts that will help you be more successful.

Automate SEO Best Practices

The Best SEO Assistant Ever

If you’re lucky enough to have a junior SEO on your team, you know how incredible it is to have someone audit dozens or hundreds of pages at a time, searching for small problems that could make a big difference: broken robots.txt files, missing Facebook open graph code, title tags that aren’t keyword rich, or pages that don’t include primary keywords.  With SEO for Salesforce, you won’t need an assistant. Our automated site audits evaluate dozens of factors within a matter of minutes.

Impress the CEO

Create Collaborative SEO Projects

One click turns any of SEO for Salesforce’s recommendations into an active SEO task. Since SEO is a team effort, SEO for Salesforce can automatically create SEO tasks that can be assigned to any member of your team. The best part is that all audits are based on a tight group of keywords that you either manually assign, or add from your paid search or organic search results.

Eliminate Redundant SEO Tracking, Auditing and Reporting tools

Get Granular with Page Audits

Advanced SEOs realize that SEO can’t just occur at the domain level. Successful SEOs focus on individual pages that are optimized for high yield. SEO for Salesforce can not only audit your domain for actionable improvements, but also audit individual pages for backlink quality, keyword density, Facebook likes and more.