See SEO for Salesforce in Action!

SEO for Salesforce is a revenue-based SEO tool that can track which keywords are most important to your organization in terms of revenue or traffic, find ways to improve your site and even recommend the best pages on you site to start optimizing for individual keywords.

Executive dashboards allow you to view reports on the effect of recent SEO changes, and by integrating with, you can measure how SEO efforts have increased revenue.

Watch this video to see SEO for Salesforce in action!


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Zain Omar is a DemandResults marketing manager focusing on paid search management, SEO, social media and email and marketing automation. He is Google AdWords certified, as well as fluent on a number of marketing platforms, including Eloqua, Marketo, Netsuite and

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  1. See SEO for Salesforce in action (video) #li

  2. Zain Omar (@zo_mar) October 24, 2011 6:41 pm #

    Hear My Voiceover and The Amazing SEO for Salesforce in Action!: #seo #automation #marketing

  3. Wish you could find which keywords bring in more traffic or revenue? Want to find ways to improve your site?

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