Prove the True Impact of SEO

Prove that organic search really drives leads, opportunities and sales.

Report on Metrics that Matter

SEO reports often focus on soft success metrics like unique visitors and keyword rankings. These metrics might provide insight into whether you’re connecting with a specific audience, but they don’t illustrate which efforts are really providing value. SEO for Salesforce make it easy to pull reports that really matter—the ones that show a correlation between organic search and leads, opportunities and sales.

Proof that SEO Really Drives Sales

Measure Project Results

SEO for Salesforce’s collaborative project feature gives you automated suggestions for optimization and allows you to create your own. All projects are based on a tight group of individual keywords. These tasks are then assignable to anyone within your Salesforce CRM. Are baseline keyword rankings improving? Are they correlating with leads, opportunities, revenue and sales? Individual project views provide granular insight into whether individual keywords are really impacting your bottom line.

Retain Clients with Revenue-Based Reporting

Finally Impress your CEO

Face it: C-level execs don’t give a damn about traffic, clicks or effort. They just want to know if SEO is a revenue center or a cost center. By moving everything you need into the same CRM that contains your sales data, you’ll be able to provide executive reports that link individual keywords and projects to actual revenue.

Bring Your Clients into SEO for Salesforce

Get the Credit You Deserve

Though there are a lot of SEO tools on the market. SEO for Salesforce is the one tool focused on proving the true impact of SEO on your company’s ROI. By linking results to your SEO efforts, you’ll be able to prove your value, once and for all.