New Consumer Data Suggests Marketers Should Prioritize Mobile Sites

mobile devicesMobile websites are quickly becoming more of a necessity. So which brands need a mobile-optimized website anyway? Yours does. But don’t just take our word for it. New data continues to reinforce the need to not only optimize websites for smart phone and tablets, but also to optimize paid search campaigns in order to capture more traffic from mobile devices.

At this point, it’s hardly controversial to declare that the future of web browsing is mobile. Conservative estimates predict that Google’s worldwide mobile ad revenue will double in 2012 compared to the $2B accrued in 2011.

Mobile ads are becoming more popular, and with good reason. According to Marin Software State of Mobile Search in the U.S. report, mobile ads don’t just have a lower cost-per-click than their desktop counterparts. They also have a 72% higher click-through rate.

Yet brands are not catching up with the demand for a seamless mobile browsing experience. mShopper, a mobile commerce aggregation website, recently did a study of 50 mobile retail sites within their content network. According to Ken Barnes, VP of Marketing and Product Development at mShopper, a lack of a mobile-optimized site has an adverse effect on conversions.

“We saw industry data that showed mobile websites had nearly 50 percent higher bounce rates (31 percent vs. 21 percent) compared to desktop sites during the last holiday shopping season.” Said Barnes.

The high bounce rate is due to the fact that most brands have websites that offer a poor user experience to users browsing on mobile devices with smaller screens.

If you haven’t already, we recommend that you begin monitoring the percentage of traffic that is directed to your site from mobile devices. Spoiler alert: that number will almost surely rise in the near future. If you have yet to optimize your site for mobile devices, much of that traffic might be bouncing from your site unnecessarily.

To learn more about optimizing your site for smart phones and tablets, check out this highly informative article from Search Engine Watch.


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