Link Building: How to Target Blogs that Accept Links and Comments

DemandResults SEO Director Ryan Speigl recently published an article on comment marketing on Evidence-Based Marketing in which he showcased some innovative techniques for locating appropriate sites. Though comment marketing (building links by leaving comments on blogs) has gained a reputation as an often-spammy tactic, comment marketing can be an integral component of a white hat SEO strategy, providing that your comments are thoughtful and offer value to readers. Some of the techniques discussed include:

Finding Blogs that Accept Comments

After you have figured out your target niche or niches, make a list of high volume keywords that are relevant to each. Once you decide on a keyword, our favorite technique is to couple that keyword with terms that are specific to blogs that accept comments and allow a fully qualified URL back to your domain. Beware that this technique won’t guarantee a site doesn’t use “nofollow” code around its links, but this shouldn’t deter you. Studies show that a healthy portoflio contains both nofollow and do-follow links.

Here’s a query that we have used to find blogs that accept links:
“Keyword(s)” +”(URLs automatically linked.)”

Since Google indexes the text on the post footer region that shows “URLs automatically linked,” the results will bring pages that will likely accept your links. At this point, scrolling to the bottom of any of the links that appear in your search engine results page should provide you an open comment area, as well as one that accepts a fully qualified URL. This technique is a real time-saver.

Avoiding Moderated Blogs

But, as Chef Emeril Legasse would say, “Let’s take it up a notch!” Some of the results require moderation before your comment will posted. While moderated blogs are a great way to filter out spammy comments, it’s safe to assume that your comments will not be indexed as quickly on moderated blogs. If you are in a hurry to prove SEO ROI, it might behoove you to start with blogs that don’t require moderation. But remember, leave comments that enhance the blog’s social experience. To avoid moderated blogs simply add a:


to the previous search query.

To see more tips, read the full article on comment marketing at Evidence-Based Marketing.

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