How Does Google Really Feel About SEOs?

On Oct. 24,Google’s Matt Cutts released a video intended to outline Google’s position on SEO. Cutts’ message can be viewed as an overall validation of white hat SEO efforts.

“Some people think that Google thinks that all SEO is spam,” said Cutts, “… that’s simply not the case. There’s a lot of great SEOs out there.”

The video is a response to the fact that SEO has gotten a bad reputation in certain circles. SEOs are seen by some as charlatans who employ illegal or unethical tricks to deliver higher placement in search engines.

According to Matt Cutts, SEOs should play an integral role in a site’s development, from the initial architecture to calculating the content efforts that are good for ROI. Google’s goal is to provide the best content possible. Cutt explains that white hat SEO is seen by Google as beneficial to this effort.

According to Matt Cutts, here are a few ways that SEOs can add value to a brand’s web properties:

Make Sure Sites Are Crawlable

Google understands that SEOs can play a valuable role making sure that sites are indexed properly and crawlable. You want to ensure that people can access pages by just clicking on links the way that search engines can access them by just clicking on links.

Use the Right Keywords

Content marketers and copywriters might be inclined to use a certain set of keywords that are relevant to their industry in content creation efforts. However, this can sometimes backfire. Certain keywords might simply be examples of industry jargon that people aren’t actually searching for. Search engine optimizers can help brands to go after the keyword opportunities that offer the best ROI.


A good design that’s easy to navigate is good for users and search engines. SEOs can help choose a design that can help to drive traffic.

Landing Page Testing

SEOs can conduct tests various landing pages to see which performs best in search engines. Though landing page testing is integral to SEM campaigns, it can be a valuable SEO tactic as well.

Matt Cutts shows that Google does see value in SEO efforts. Google’s validation of SEO can help you convince clients of SEOs legitimacy. Though black hat SEO shenanigans have soured some people’s opinion of search optimization, it’s good to know that Google sees SEO as a great way for brands to generate revenue.


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