How Can I get More Links to My Site?

To search engines, the act of linking indicates that a site (or page) has value. A page receiving a large number of links, especially from high-quality sites, is a clear indicator to search engines that a site is valued by, and relevant to, a wide audience.

Considering the above, the sole focus of a link building campaign should not be based on the raw number of links accrued, but rather on the following:

1) Quality
Links from prominent sites with higher PageRank are weighted more heavily than links with little to no PageRank.

2) Frequency of New Links
A sudden surge in the number of links, where no updates to the site have been made, can be flagged by search engines and compromise an SEO campaign. A more natural increase in links, such as additional links in conjunction to site or content updates, are more highly favored by search engines.

3)  Variety of Sources
A site with many links from a wide variety of sites (especially prominent sites) is a good indicator to search engines that the site has inherent relevance and value.

The most efficient way to acquire these high-quality links is by regularly updating sites with unique, relevant and useful content. High quality content can attract links from a wide-range of prominent sites. By frequently updating content, sites can expect a sustained, organic increase in links.

To learn more about how content can improve SEO strategies, see Does Great Content Really Matter to SEO?


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