Google Plus Users Spend Only 3 Minutes Per Month in the Network

Is Google+ a Ghost Town?It seems that despite claims of rapid growth, Google Plus might be more of a ghost town than a boom town. New data from comScore shows that the average Google+ user spends less time in the network than the average Myspace user! Not a good sign for Google’s foray into social networking.

Google CEO Larry Page told investors in late January that Google+ had more than 90 million users. But since Google Plus accounts are created in a variety of ways, including automatic enrollment in Google Plus when joining other Google services, those numbers may be less impressive that they appear.

The comScore report indicates that, on average, Google+ users spend an average of 3 minutes per month on the social network. This makes them less engaged than the average Myspace user who spends a whopping 8 minutes per month.

This data has resulted in the Wall Street Journal calling Google+ a “virtual ghost town.”

Bradley Horowitz, Google’s president of product management would not share any specific information about how much time Google+ users spend on the site. However, he indicated that the metrics are “extremely hard for any third party to measure.” Another Google spokeswoman stated that the Comscore data is much lower than Google’s internal metrics.

Here’s the comScore breakdown of minutes-per-month spent on various social networking sites:

Facebook: 405 minutes
Pinterest/Tumblr: 98 minutes
Twitter: 21 minutes
LinkedIn: 17
MySpace: 8
Google+: 3


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  1. Google+ users estimated to spend an average of 3 minutes total per month on the network, less than Myspace!

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