3 Ways to Diversify Your Site’s Traffic Sources

Traffic Diversity at SeomozAfter Google’s 2011 Panda update wreaked havoc on a variety of websites, it should be apparent that depending on Google as a single traffic source leaves your site vulnerable to the whims of Google’s algorithm changes. Traffic diversity is essential to protecting your assets.

Diversifying your traffic sources across multiple channels will allow you to engage visitors that might not have otherwise been exposed to your website. Analytical tools like SEO for Salesforce will allow you to effectively analyze your revenue base, and determine the traffic sources that best fit your business model.

Here are three simple ways to simultaneously get diverse traffic and boost your SEO:

Develop A Social Media Strategy

A recent SEOmoz survey of 132 leading search marketers indicated a dramatic increase in the perceived importance of social signals at both a domain and page level. Though Google is no longer featuring real-time search results, Bing and Topsy still have access to the Twitter “firehose”—Google robots can still access tweets they find when crawling the Web. When Google launches Google+, there will be new opportunities to use social to influence search results. Like those marketers surveyed by SEOmoz, we are certain that social signals will continue to gain greater influence in determining your page ranking.

A social media strategy can be vital to new websites that have yet to establish a formidable presence on Google. Social can contribute to brand awareness while acting as a possible source of traffic independent of Google.

Cultivate Links

Inbound links authoritatively influence your search engine ranking. The previously mentioned SEOmoz study displayed a correlation-based analysis of the key factors that determine their search engine traffic. Of note, is the fact that 21% of their traffic is generated through page level link metrics.

The sheer volume of inbound links plays a role in your organic search results. In SEO for Salesforce, we recommend that you try to cultivate a minimum of 500 inbound links per domain. However, search engines also analyze links according to their authority. If you diversify your traffic, it can lead to links from a wider variety of sources. Search engines will view a variety of link sources as a sign of value.

Build A Brand

The SEOmoz infographic indicates that the company owes 27.7% of their traffic to direct traffic (bookmarks and type-in). This is due to the fact that they have a short, easy-to-remember URL and have used multiple channels to develop brand identity. You can employ paid advertising, social media platforms, blogs and forums to generate brand awareness. Each channel you use to build your brand will diversify your traffic while simultaneously augmenting your potential for direct traffic.

The SEOmoz infographic also shows that only 36% of the company’s traffic is generated through search engines, with about 30% attributed to Google. By embracing a wider range of platforms to generate traffic, the company improved its ranking in Google while leaving it less vulnerable to any sudden algorithm change.


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