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SEO for Salesforce is an SEO automation tool that creates revenue-driven SEO strategies, enabling you to demonstrate the true impact of SEO to your company's bottom line.

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  • The Top 5 New Features in SEO for SalesforceIn May of 2009 we launched the original version of SEO for Salesforce. At that time, we were eager to give users visibility into which keywords were actually leading to sales. It was the premier SEO app for Salesforce, and at the time it was revolutionary. But it was only the first step. When [...]
  • 3 Essential Tips For SEO Client RetentionAcross the board, businesses are increasingly aware of basic SEO strategies. But like the health food industry, so much of the free information available has either been written by amateurs or is vastly outdated. Since much of what clients think they know about SEO is usually outpaced by Google’s constant algorithm changes, it’s essential to demonstrate [...]
  • 4 Reasons Not to Give a Damn About Google’s New Keyword Data PolicyOn October 18th, Google announced a dramatic change to their privacy policy. In an effort to provide “security” to signed-in users, Google will, by default, route them them to the SSL version of the site. This means that when users conduct a search query while logged into a Google service, their organic search query information [...]